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There is nothing better than a well told story.


A well told story can transport us to new worlds, introduce us to new people, and show us new ways of being. At the same time, It can show us who we are and what our world looks like.


I believe that good storytelling is integral to all fields. As a researcher, I study the stories people tell about themselves and their environments to identify insights that are accurate to their contexts and culture. As a designer, I leverage storytelling to build meaningful products that spark moments of connection and delight. As a strategist and collaborator, I use storytelling to communicate across disciplines. And finally, as an artist, I use storytelling as a way to find community.

Download my resume here: Resume – Sarah Tahir



BS Interactive Media

New York University Shanghai

2016 – 2020

MS Human-Computer Interaction

New York University

2021 - 2023

Design Lead

Design in DC

January – June 2023

UX Researcher

Northwestern Mutual

June 2023 – Present

Design Fellow / Adjunct Researcher

NYU Shanghai

May 2020 – May 2022


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